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Slab Drain Cavity Void Former
Wall Drain

SCP Slab Drain Cavity Void Former


Slapdrain Slabdrain is a cavity drain former manufactured from a dimpled H.D.P.E., designed to provide a drainage channel beneath the concrete in floor and wall construction.



Generally in type C construction to provide grade 4 protection as defined in BS 8102: 1990. “Protection of structures against water from the ground”. Slabdrain may be used in floors and walls to provide a drainage void beneath the concrete to relieve both water and gas pressures. The HDPE core provides high strength to resist the loads imposed by placing wet concrete.


Slabdrain is applied dimple side down to the substrate, the surface should be smooth and even. Subsequent rolls should be laid so that the selvedges overlap, end laps are formed by overlapping a minimum of 200mm (3 dimples) and interlocking the dimples. Selvedges are sealed using 100mm Bitusheet XL Overband Tape, end laps are sealed with Uraflex Sealant.

Slabdrain is fixed to the substrate using Bitusheet 75mm Double Sided Tape applied onto Bitusheet Primer. Alternatively Slabdrain may be mechanically fixed through the base of the dimples and sealing all fixings with Uraflex Sealant. Fixings should be shot fired pins with washers used at the rate of 1 per square metre on floors and 4 per square metre for walls.

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